When You’re Not Progressing

Hello my lovelies! Hope you’re having a great start to your week. I worked a bit, relaxed a bit and applied to a few more fellowships and internships for writing. On Saturday while perusing Youtube per normal I came across a Lucy Moon video. It was all about the idea of not progressing:


In it she talks about the idea of neither progressing nor failing, remaining stagnant. Stagnation to me equates death. I always want to move on to the next level and if I try one thing and it doesn’t work at least it leads me towards the right direction. But when things remain the same, well it’s hard to know what to do next or where to go.


When it comes to my Youtube channel I feel this type of stagnation. I try different video concepts, I try different upload days and times and…



It’s actually frustrating beyond words. However, Lucy went on to talk about the idea of just enjoying the ride. Taking things as they are and not worrying about where you think you should be. Instead, focus on where you are and what you can do and are doing. As someone who battles with anxiety a large trigger is when I’m trying to be in the moment and relax but feel like I should be hustling. And while I do think there should be some sort of hustle, I also think that rest is necessary. Maybe instead of #grind we should focus more on #sustainableworkethic?

Ok, not as catchy.

But back to this concept of stagnation.


If we learn to enjoy the process rather than doing something for the sole ending we might enjoy life a bit more in general. I like to think of it a bit like dating. We all hate those first date butterflies, the “does he like me? Does he not?” thoughts, the barriers and pretenses. But once we’re in a full fledged commited relationship we look back on it fondly and even wish to go back to it at times.

Life’s a lot like that.

So maybe if we just stopped trying to fast forward we might relish everything a bit more. Just a theory.


Percerverance isn’t something that just comes naturally or easily. It’s about doing something even when your initial mindset to get it done wanes. It’s about doing something even when it doesn’t feel like you’re pushing forward. Successes are never overnight. They are through diligence, hard work, passion and of course percerverance.

But on a real not. Are you also doing everything you can? Are  you putting 150% sometimes we might ask why aren’t we moving but we haven’t taken a first step. Reanaylze what your doing versus where you want to go and be real with yourself. Sometimes we can be blind to our own efforts because we think that it’s easy or simply up to luck. And while I do think that luck plays some role, it isn’t everything. So put in that time,energy and focus.

Your dream or goal is achievable. You attract what you are. Think like a success story and watch it unfold. Slowly, but surely.

Until next time



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