Vegan Clothing Haul

Hello my lovelies! Happy Wednesday! It’s back to school season which means “new, new, new”. Definitely scary, definitely fun, definitely challenging. But with the bad comes the good. A million new syllabi means a million steps closer to your career and degree. What it means for me is also new clothing. I’m beginning my student teaching and also just needed a closet revamp in general so I bought a couple of items and wanted to share them with you.



But most importantly I wanted to share that being vegan doesn’t mean breaking the bank. There’s this belief that going vegan means having to buy expensive items, but veganism is probably the most affordable lifestyles to have out there. Less money on meat,eggs and dairy and more on affordable produce,legumes and grains. But in addition to that there is also a disconnect between what beign vegan really means.

You can buy clothes at Forever21 and they’ll be vegan just the same as the most eco-conscious high fashion brand. I’m a college student myself. I get it. We’re all on a budget nowadays. I buy my clothes ethically when I can and I don’t shop often in fact I’ll MAYBE shop 3-4 times a year which is a huge difference from my weekly or bi-weekly purchases.


So while I may shop at places like H&M on occassion I also try to minimize any negative impact by only shopping a few times a year. If you’re environmentally cautious but can’t afford to spend the $40 on an organic made in the U.S tshirt don’t get down on yourself. Buy what you can but do it less often or save up on that investment piece if it means that much to you!


Going vegan is the best thing you can do for yourself, the animals and the world. Minimize where you can! Comment down below what your most recent favorite purchase was! For me I have to admit it was the Asos Pinafore dress and my moccassins! Love me some good fall pieces!


Until next time




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