#Adulting: Taking Time Out For Yourself

Hello my lovelies! Hope you had a relaxing weekend. I know I thrived in this Autumnal weather that is disappearing again. It’s October somehow which means we only have 2 more months left until the end of 2017. If that doesn’t freak you out then I want whatever time turner you have Hermione because this year has FLOWN BY!

I reached out on Instagram (@avalentin574) and asked which topic appealed to you all more, making friends or taking time out for yourself. I did a whole blog post on how to make friends (here) and with that being said I also feel that I wanted touch upon the concept of alone time and what that means to me.

Why should I invest in some alone time?

This is time for you to just be you and do the things that you really care about and maybe have put to the wayside. It’s easy to get caught up in our responsibilities and lifestyles and forget what it means to just be ourselves minus all the pressure or fascades we might put on. We play a million different roles: professional,friend,partner,daughter,brother,son,sister, etc. the list goes on. And as we gain an ever growing To-Do list  we rarely take a moment to pause and come back to ourselves.

I know when Im in the hustle and bustle and grind I forget why I even started to begin with and I need to take some time to center and reconnect with myself. But on top of all that as I’ve mentioned before  I am an introvert. With introversion comes this innate need to really recharge with ourselves. While I understand not everyone leans in that direction I think that I’ve come to really understand myself and others, the world around me, ten times more because I’ve taken that time to disconnect.


We are bombareded with constant messages whether it be on our phones, tvs, laptops or daily commute. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and taking a time where its just you, no distractions, no interferences is so crucial to your mental state and overall wellbeing. I know if I don’t take some time off from work or friends I very quickly get ran down and inevitably ill.


How can I make time for myself?

I know, I know, I get it. Each one of you reading this has your own everlong list of responsibilities. You might have kids, a husband, a dog, two or even three jobs. We only have 24 hours in a day and capitalizing on it as often as possible can get tricky. But taking time out for yourself doesn’t have to be a huge time chunk erased from your day. Here are a few small ways you can do it:

  • Wake Earlier- I wake up about 20 minutes earlier than I have to in order to meditate and journal each morning. Some people wake up a whole hour earlier than they have to. This is an especially good trick if you have kids since they tend to rise on the earlier side and whole mornings can disappear by making sure they’re washed up, dressed and have had something resembling breakfast. Waking up earlier allows you to have the house to yourself before the day starts rolling.
  • Sign up for a class- Whether it’s a workout class, an art class or a book club signing yourself up for something to do “alone” is a great way to expose yourself to things you might have put to the side and it keeps you accountable. There is really no arguing about you watching Charlie tonight if you’ve had this class booked for weeks on out. Also after a long work day chances are you just want to lounge around in your PJs which totally does count as alone time. But if you’ve found yourself saying, ” I wish I did______” then chances are this is the right kick in the butt to get you motivated and growing.
  • Leave Your Phone At Home- Two weeks ago I went on a hike and decided to leave my phone in the car. Which was both a good and bad move considering I got minorly lost and wondered what it would be like to return to my roots in the woods and live off the land. BUT and big BUT here, I felt this cloud release from me. I feel this weird OCD whenever I have my phone on me to constantly check it and be tuned into the word. But with all the FOMO (fear of missing out) that exists I think turning it into a FOMO for ourselves, for our lives and time passing. Leaving your phone at home or on airplane mode is sucha  great way to stay present and connected with the most important person of all.. Yourself.


These are just a few options that have worked for me that maybe you can give a try yourself.


Won’t people think I’m sad or weird?

I know in our society people tend to look at those who are alone as lonely and those two words don’t necessary coincide. You can be alone and perfectly happy. But in our world it seems if you aren’t surrounded by a bunch of people your relevance isn’t validated and truthfully all you need is your own self-validation. If others judge that’s because of their own set of internal beliefs that have nothing to do with YOU, it isn’t personal. Just personal to them. So go on with your bad self-loving self and enjoy this time to reconnect with the core of who you are. You won’t regret it!

Let me know in the comments below what’s your favorite way to spend some alone time.


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    • Oh how fun! Where did you go? A class is such a great way to ensure you’re carving out special “you” time!

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