How To Survive Post-Grad Blues

I know I can’t be the only millenial post graduation thats feeling a little lost, a little confused and frankly… a  little scared. I have what you call the post-grad blues. I left college with this plan: become a teacher, write on the side and move out into a little apartment all my own. It all felt so certain and so safe. But as this summer rolled on, I lost a job offer, applied to a million jobsand interviewed for a few . Now I’m sat here on a weird crossroad.

Do I follow the beaten path and take a sure thing or try and pursue the writing thing. With teaching you sign a contract pretty much guarenteeing you won’t be going anywhere within the next year or so.  Now this job is only a contractual agreement of my time from October to April. But for whatever reason I feel like if I take it it means turning down something else, maybe something greater?

I don’t really know.


And I’m realizing that that’s what being an adult is… Not knowing. Not knowing anything and each decision is some weird leap of faith in the dark.


So,  how to survive these post grad blues?


1. Take Risks


Which I know sounds crazy. But this is the time pre- any obligations to anyone or anything to really go take that trip, to take a couple of months to really figure yourself out. There’s no shame in that, and I’m probably really giving this advice to myself (hehe). But honestly, if you’re lucky enough to have a roof over your head and minimum bills to take care of, take advantage of it.


I think early 20s are all about realizing you know nothing  *cue Game of Thrones theme music*



And understanding just how open life is. It’s really why millenials are taking longer to have children, if they have them at all, we understand we have this time. So use it wisely and go explore, go laugh, go and take risks because this is the time to do it. Use these post-grad blues to your advantage, turn that confusion into ambition with direction.


2. Don’t compare

I know I have a million and one blog posts linked here, here and here, on comparison and how its the thief of joy. But really, it is. Everyone is on their own path. Take this summer for example I noticed that everyone and their mom was in Europe this summer post graduation. It was really odd.

And here I was going to Texas. Not as exotic. But honestly one of the most life changing trips up to date and because of it I met some amazing people, created countless memories and am now planning a trip to ICELAND with one of the girls I met while staying in Austin.



But the point is that when you let that FOMO take over,  it ruins any joy you have in the given moment. If you’re constantly focused on what OTHERS have instead of what YOU do, you’ll never feel gratitude for the abundance around you. So, just because everyone else seems to be doing well, maybe has what you’d consider a dream jobs, they could be wishing they had something else. Perception is everything and so take everything with a grain of salt and stay in your lane.



3.  Set some short term and long term goals

Goals are amazing motivators and something that I like to set the intention of doing at the begining of each month. Usually setting short term goals that  will help with my long term goals. By doing that I’m working towards a huge achievement without feeling discouraged or overwhelmed. I have a calander that has a positive quote for each month and a spot to outline 3 intentions. I love having that constant reminder there to keep me on track.

Getting to the end isn’t about jumping 50 feet but making it in small incremental baby steps.


Oprah was fired from her first job. So many stars worked as waiters and cashiers. Nothing is below you and nothing too high above. You’re going to figure it all out, one step at a time.


Until next time


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6 Responses to How To Survive Post-Grad Blues

  1. You definitely can’t compare your journey to others. So many people I know graduated and have nice jobs – getting married and having kids – and I’m here with a Master degree at a part-time job and living at home. It works for me at this moment though, even though I’d LOVE a full time job that I enjoy. It takes time though – and I’m not rushing.


    • I FEEL THIS SO HARD. But Im also in that part time looking for a full time. I had an offer but I didnt take it because it didnt feel right and I think if more people actually responded that way, more of my cohorts would be in the same boat. Don’t you worry we’ll get there. congrats on your masters! Thats such an amazing accomplishment!

    • So true Jessy! I completely agree. Taking that “go for it” approach really set me on so many different adventures so far in life. Im all for it! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  2. Girl, I feel you. I also think this idea of having your life together by a certain age is absolutely BS. Lol. There are plenty of 40-50 year olds going back to school. I am a case worker who just went part time at my job to work at an animal hospital, then came back full time here after 6 months. Now I just want to focus on taking graphic/web design and marketing classes. Lol- these posts are so comforting for me though and I am sure so many others that are in the same confusing, yet normal, boat!

    • Im so glad that we can relate here! The comparison game is lame-o and I find that when I really take a step back everything happens for a reason. I wish you the best of luck on your journey Shannon and thank you for taking time out to comment! It means the world 🙂

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