What Makes America Great (My 2016 Election Reaction)

Hello my lovelies. I write this post with a heavy heart. I write this post with confusion, fear and shock. I write this post coming to you for support and guidance. I am a 21 year old college educated latina. I am a democrat (green party leaning).  I am what makes America great.

And let me explain.


America has been the land of the exiled and persecuted since it’s beginning, which is something that #whiteamerica #allamerica seems to have forgotten. It is also been the land of Natives long before these “refugees” attempted to overtake this country. But this land has seen so much change, so much progress and so much growth in it’s time. It has realized many of its errors. But sadly it has not recognized ones of epic porpotions.



First America had slaves. Then there was  jim crow. Women were denied the right to vote. Asians were held in internment camps and denied entryway to America. We as a nation have persecuted those who have helped shape, and literally build where we are today.


White America, Latinos who have forgotten where you come from.

I am begging to look at your friends and neighbors. Some may be gay,some may be Muslim or Mexican (or any hispanic heritage at all). These are the people we have put in danger. These are the people we are now witch hunting.

For what reason other than fear?


For what reason other than misunderstanding and ignorance?

YOU, White America, YOU were born with such PRIVELEGE. And fail to use it for any good other than yourselves. You have forgotten how to empathize, how to listen and accept. You have forgotten to try and wake up and feel what it’s like on the other side. Or we have failed to learn it at all.


You say you want CHANGE.

Is that not what allowing homosexuals to marry is?

Is that not what universal health care is?

Is that not what the highest employment rate in 8 years is?


Explain to me what type of change you seek.



Is it one where I fear walking outside and people demanding my proof of citizenship due to the color of my skin?

Of fear for the life of loved ones who want to love whomever they want, man or woman?

Is it one where those who seek asylum from persecution and bombs have no place in a country BUILT ON THE VERY FOUNDATION OF THIS PRINCIPAL.


You claim this is YOUR country as if you own any part of it. As of you being born here gives you any more privilege than someone who worked to get here.

So if there was a maxx exodus of British people coming to America would you have the same issues? If this were Parisians waltzing into this country would cry as loud?

I have a feeling the answer is no.

My other problem is we are letting this hatred seep down to the children. Teaching them to hate rather than love, Teaching them to judge rather than accept. There are white children telling hispanic that they are getting deported, regardless of their actual citizen status or not. As an educator for early childhood I am taught to teach acceptance. I am taught to teach respect. I am taught to teach love. And the media is dismantling all of that. I should NOT have students fearful for their lives because of the misunderstanding and ignorance of adults. I should NOT have students who think its ok to belittle someone because of the color of their skin.

The leader of the free world should fairly represent the people of it’s land. And I’m sorry but #hesnotmypresident. 

I care about the people in this country. 

I care about global climate change.

I care about my lGBTQ friends and family.

I care about my Muslim friends and refugees in this country.

I care.

I do believe in a peaceful transition of power. But I do not feel I am being represented as are many of those around me.

Now why am I what makes America great?


As a hispanic woman. It is against the odds for me to make. I am the least paid. The least opportuned. And yet here I am 21, on the brink of graduation and ready to take on the odds.


Until next time



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2 Responses to What Makes America Great (My 2016 Election Reaction)

  1. Love, love, loved this post Ana. I was starting to wonder whether I was the only blogger who wrote about this crazy outcome. Also so glad I found another Latina blogger!

    • Girl thank you! Im so sorry that I never got around to this, blogging took a back burner and Im recently just getting back into it! But thank you for your sweet words. The world a few months later is just as if not even more crazy, huh?

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