A Little Update & Getting Into the Christmas Spirit (no it’s not too early)

Hello my lovelies and so sorry I’ve been gone for so long. I know I keep apologizing and really I know youre patient and kind readers who don’t blame me for disappearing every now and again. Life has been hectic, with appointments here, substitute teaching there, parties and exhausting weeks. Senior year is in full swing and I’m honestly just trying to keep up with the momentum. I know once winter break arrives I’ll have way more free time to devote to this blog and like I’ve said time and time again I really think it’s about time I go for a rebrand, something new to inspire not just me but you.



Halloween has gone and past and for the first time since being in college I did nothing. Well, that’s not completely true. My boyfriend Manny’s parents did have a masquerade 25th anniversary party which was a lot of fun. But I didn’t go to a party, didn’t really wear a costume, unless you count wearing bunny ears to class a costume. There was no particular reason, the starts just didnt align in a way that allowed us the opportunity to go out.




I know being in college there is this overwhelming pressure to experience “the crazy years”. You know, that time where you’re just fancy free and foot loose? No cares,  nothing but getting drunk, having fun and being a young adult. And while a large majority of students are this way, I’m definitely not one of them. My favorite type of night is chilling with Manny, a bottle of red and some Netflix.

Call me a grandma, but I’d take that ANY day over being in a room full of half naked girls (no judgement) and people I don’t know. Needless to say, that is exactly where I’ll be this weekend most likely if Manny ends up with a gig.




Anyway, now that Halloween is out of the way I can unleash the beast that exists only around this time of year. For some people it’s wayyy to early to even utter the words “holiday spirit” or”joy” but I am feeling it and I won’t hide it. If you’ve been around a long time then you know how into Christmas I am. It isn’t necessarily the day itself, but the build up of excitement, anticipation, warmth and love that is in the air. Although the season has been heavily commercialized I always insist on creating a gift along with a small bought one.

It isn’t really about the item itself but the idea that this item reminded you of a person and giving it shows them that thought, that feeling of appreciation. And it doesn’t HAVE to be bought either.

I’m that person that the minute November 1st hits, I’m ready to blast Christmas music and turn on the Hallmark channel. I have a few yearly traditions like watching the Holiday Bakeoff on Food Network, baking cookies galore and decorating my room to no end.  However, to respect my boyfriends wishes, I’m toning it down just a teensy bit.

Like waiting until maybe mid-November to really start prepping.


I’m just really not a Thanksgiving person and if I’m being hoenst 24 days are not enough to get ready for Christmas, I start now. You know:

  • Making a list

  • Checking it twice


That sort of thing.


So if you’re one of those getting into the spirit, don’t worry you’re not alone. I hope you all are having  great week oh and also:

I thought I’d link my Youtube channel here in case you want to keep up with me when I’m not posting here:




Until next time


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