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Hello my lovelies! So many people have left me DMs or comments on my Hum Nutrition Journey over on Instagram. Which if you’re not following, you most definitely should!


A little backstory…

I first heard about Hum Nutrition which is a vitamin and supplement company that uses adaptogens to help regulate and improve things from skin breakouts to stress and energy levels. The supplement I believe they’re most known for is their Daily Detox.
When you read detox your mind instantly goes to skinny teas and starvation. Luckily neither of those are required while taking this vitamin. MarissaLace a Youtuber first brought Hum Nutrition to my attention when going over what helped save her skin and made her feel balanced and healthy. I’ve never been big on supplements and really try to look for a natural remedy for a lot of my issues.

I’ve never really had skin problems, just a few spots here or there around that time of the month. But at the end of August I began to notice a light rash on my chin area that slowly began to expand.  I chalked it up to sensitive skin and changed my cleanser but the rash persisted. I learned it was a stress rash from my anxiety and wondered what I could do, aside from obviously calming myself down.

I began to revist the idea of a supplement. I never want to be put on axiety medication, but there had to be some sort of natural solution. That’s where Hum Nutrition came back into the game.


Adaptogens, in short, are herbs that help your body manage and adapt to different stressors. They’re kind of like a reboot for your body to come back to homeostasis or normality.  Some buzzwords are:

  • Ashwagandha
  • Ginseng
  • Rhodiola

SO many people have been whispering about them as they pop up in things like the Moon Juice Beauty Dust or your local health stores.

So when reading up on them and different ways to intake them Hum Nutrition came up again as a contender. They formulate different pills to attack whatever problem you might have that an adaptogen may help you with. There’s a great deal when you buy three where you get I believe 20% off your purchase. The bottles are never priced above $25 and honestly it’s worth it.



The Daily Detox:

What’s inside?

Things like:

  • Chlorella Algae- A superfood rich in phytonutrients that help detoxify the body and boost the immune system.
  • Spirulina- Most nutrient dense food on the planet, high in vitamins that improve the skin.
  • Dandelion Leaf Extract- A great detoxifier often spotted in those tiny teas.
  • Milk Thistle- Fights free radical damage and inflammation in the body.


Initially I was not impressed by this. My rash was still hanging around, if anything I was breaking out more. But I kept taking them in hopes that it would just taketime and repitive exposure to the herbs to work. Now as I start my second pill bottle I can say that my skin has improved significantly. I occassionally break out but my skin glows in a way thats from the inside out. My tone has improved significantly and my acne scarring is lightening.  Im one of those people that when I see something I pick. It’s a bad habit that only hurts my skin so excuse any of the scars or scabs (gross I know). But this is my skin sans ANYTHING, there is not a stitch of makeup.


Rating: 4 out of 5.


Uber Energy

What’s inside?

Things like:

  • Rhodiola- Reduces fatigue and exhaustion in prolonged stressful situations.
  • Eluethro- A form of Ginseng which is great for relieving stress, improved cognitive strength and also reduces fatigue.
  • Ashwagandha- Great for reducing stress, fatigue and improves concentration.


Many people who want to stop drinking coffee often pick this supplement out to try. I have to admit that some days I feel it and others I don’t. The purpose of this supplement is to build energy through improving your adrenal strength. Adrenal fatigue is a very real illness that many people suffer from due to overworking their bodies. As someone who suffers from anxiety and is constantly working on one thing or another I fear that maybe I’m taking on more than my adrenals can handle. Because of this I thought providing some assistance would help. All in all, I do notice a slight calming effect (maybe placebo) when I do take it and sometimes I’ll skip it. So all in all, maybe if I took it consistently the way I did with Daily Detox I’d see a noticeable effect.


Rating: 3/5



Additional Perks:

If you sign up through the website you have the option of automatically having  your pills shipped and billed to you before your next bottle runs out, that way you can start a new bottle on time. Their customer service agents are also super helpful. I had to cancel my subscription because I picked up a bottle in stores (They’re sold at Urban Outfitters) and they didn’t give me a fight about it. They were able to cancel my order before it shipped out and give me my money back.

Like I mentioned before Hum Nutrition gives you a deal if you purchase 3 bottles at a time so your orders typically dont gove about 55 dollars on average, which for 3 monthly vitamin bottles is nothing. PLUS: you can always find an extra $10 off coupon code somewhere floating around.


This is totally unsponsored ( I wish I were) I just really love this company and their products and so many of you have been asking questions about it!

I hope you enjoyed and maybe I’ll do a follow up when I try new products out! They have so many vegan, vegetarian options in their line with the exception of:

  • OMG Omega the Great: The fish oil comes from mackerel, salmon and anchovies.
  • Here Comes the Sun: The gelatin capsule comes from beef. (which I totally didnt know the first time I purchased. I still have like a whole bottle if anyone wants it)
  • Collagen Love: The collagen comes from beef.

So there’s something for everyone!

Have you tried Hum Nutrition before? Let me know in the comments below! Also if you want a skin care routine post or video leave a comment below!

Until next time


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