Pinterest Inspired Mason Jar Gifts

Hello my lovelies! Happy Holiday season! It’s been awhile on here but I’m on winter break which means I have  a bit more time to post! I wanted to share a video I made in collaboration with Morgan Timm from Mostly Morgan and Hannah Rupp from The Outfit Repeater.

3 Pinterest Inspired Mason Jar Gift Ideas


Mason Jars are the perfect diy last minute type of gift you can create that looks put together and totally rustic chic. I created 3 different vegan food options, many inspired by Vegan Richa. Not everyone is vegan, which I totally understand. But that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t appreciate a meal, or a dessert. Pinterest is rich with ideas for


Making these ideas is a great intro into vegan food while also keeping it fairly “safe” and not totally intimidating like tofu. I love introducing people to the wonderful world of vegan food because it’s not as weird as everyone who’s on the outside of it seems to think. It’s far more plentiful than people think, and these type of gifts are a great way to show them. If you recreate them let me know by tagging me in the post. My handle is pretty much avalentin574 on everything Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.


Just a reminder: Christmas despite all the comercialism is NOT about the gifts. The gifts are a representation of your appreciation for a person in your life but there are so many more ways to show that appreciation than a present that is bought. I know people joke but really your presence is a present in so many ways. I know you stopping by here is a gift I am eternally grateful for. For finding this safe space of mine and listening to my thoughts, my whims and fancies. I haven’t been very active the last 6 months, and I think it’s simply due to the business that life has thrown this way. But I will say this: I am so utterly thankful for you all who stop by.


I hope you have a Happy Holiday, whatever holiday you celebrate!

Until next time


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