Crystal Haul & Their Meanings

Hello my lovelies! I bought some new crystals and shot a haul video on my Youtube channel.  Crystals have been a part of my life for about a year now. I first learned about them I believe through Marissa Lace on Youtube. She mentioned them, did a haul and I started to do my research on how they have healing energy and properties. From there I was hooked. I have to say even if you’re not into their metaphyscal uses, crystals are at the very least a very beautiful addition to any home. I thought I’d go over them in writing for those who prefer reading versus a video, but here it is for your viewing pleasure if you’d like to hear my voice (no judgement)



I purchsed an amazing chakra healing set from Etsy (I’ll have the shop linked here). The delivery was super speedy and the package arrived completely intact. I was super impressed because I just expected crystals to be everywhere due to the motion of the ocean and all that.

I paid 30 dollars for everything in this box. If you’re new to crystals know this: IT WAS A STEAL.

On average maybe a quarter sized tumbled stone may cost about 5 bucks. I had 16 different pieces in this box and it only totaled to 30 bucks? Honestly you’re not going to beat that.



So let’s break down whats inside shall we?


Selenite Wand:

The selenite wand is the long opaque white crystal in the left hand side. Selenite is a great high vibe crystal that helps with mental flexibility, decision making and communicating with Angels or spirit guides. I find personally it carries a very soothing feel to it and love holding it when Im anxious or meditating. It also has the ability to charge other stones so I like to place the rest of my crystals around it to keep the good energy flowing.


Black Tourmaline:

The black tourmaline is the dark large crystal near the sage bundle in the top right corner of the picture. Black Tourmaline is a perfect grounding stone, so its energy is different from Selenite. Where Selenite is high vibe and more associated with the third chakra Tourmaline is very much grounded and associate with the sacral chakra. It can dispel any negative energy within you or the environment around you. I enjoy meditating with both Black Tourmaline and Selenite in hand.


Rose Quartz:

Rose Quartz is an amazing crystal most people know about. Its famous amongst those looking for love. Rose Quartz helps promote self-love, feelings of worthiness and unconditional love. It’s a very nurturing stone and perfect for opening up your heart  chakra.



I have two in this box. Its the top tumbled stone and its also the large purple geode. Amethyst is a high vibe crystal thats meant to help deepen intuition and enhance meditative thoughts.  It’s known to also help promote calm, balance and peace. The perfect stone to keep next to you or in hand while meditating.


Clear Quartz:

Clear Quartz is pretty hard to miss its the clear stone right under the sage bundle but the geode of it is right underneath the rose quartz. Clear Quartz is an amplifier, meaning whatever energy surrounds it is amplified. I like to keep it next to other stones I want to amplify, I also keep points near my vision board to help amplify those good vibes. Some people say not to keep themnear your bed because they can be “loud” in their energy but I’d say if you arent too sensitive you should be fine.


Next let’s move into the smaller stones shall we? We’ll start from the bottom and head to the top, ehhhhhh.


Red Jasper:

Red Jasper is the bottom dark red stone. Red Jasper is also known as the “warrior stone”. It’s meant to help with physcal endurance. It suppose to stiry up chi or life force energy. It promotes focus, determination and physical strength so I associate it with a kind of Spartan energy.


Orange Calcite:

Orange calcite is a fun one for anyone going through any emotional trauma. So if you’re going through a rough time like a break up, a death in the family or just your own personal demons this is a great stone to meditate with!


Yellow Aventurine:

Yellow Aventurine is perfect for those who are having trouble with being themselves and just letting things flow with ease. Its a perfect stone to carry if you’re a bit of a worry wart or control freak. It’ll mellow you out and let you focus more on just being rather than trying to force things to be.


Green Aventurine:

Like most green or pink stones this crystal is related to the heart chakra. It’s known as “the stone of opportunity” Its great for manifesting wealth and abundance. Its perfect for working on getting rid of old habits and patterns that might not be so beneficial to you and in relationships.



Sodalite is a perfect stone for creatives out there! It helps stimulate creative energy while also aiding in you living your truth and ideals. Its associate with the throat chakra and opening it to allow you to speak your truths. It’s perfect for those who have a hard time having tough discussions or speaking their mind.


Lapis Lazuli:

Lapis Lazuli is all about the intellectual mind. It enhances good judgement and assists in stimulating wisdom.  Its perfect for executives, journalist and typy of more analytical job type. Its also great for new students because it helps stir a desire for knowledge.


Now let’s move onto the sage bundle, chakra pendulum and chakra spray.



Sage is an anciet tool often used by Shamans and old civilizations to cleans the air of any negative energy or spirits. It releases a slightly earthy, woodsy smell. Some people love it,some people hate it. There are other alternatives to sage such as Palo Santo.  It’s great to burn before yoga, when cleaning your crystals or just to clear the room and your mind.


Chakra Pendulum:

This is the item in the top left corner with 7 colors running through it. The chakra pendulum kind of works as a check in, often used in Reiki or energy work. Reiki is a Japanese ancient healing ritual that is done to help release anything that is not serving you. What the pendulum does is see if your chakras are open, closed or out of balance. I’ll leave a link to an article here that goes more in depth into how to use it. It’s actually pretty cool!


Chakra Spray

This spray has 7 essential oils that are meant to associate with all 7 chakra centers. Its meant to be used for aromatherapy purposes. I used it to spray my yoga mat down and it really made a difference in my practice.


And that’s everything that came in this crystal set! I hope that you enjoyed and learned a thing or two about crystals. Let me know in the comments below which crystal is your favorite!

Until next time



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