Having The Courage To Follow Your Dreams

Hello my lovelies! Hope you had a very Happy Thanksgiving and I hope you’re also starting to get into the holiday spirit. As it is the first of December before breaking into the holiday cheer I wanted to talk to you all about something that has been on my mind recently.

Following Your Dreams.

When we were little we all had some crazy aspirations. We wanted to be singers, firefighters, actors and Rockettes. We weren’t afraid of reaching for the stars because any other option didn’t seem plausible. There was no doubt that we were destined for greatness, the concept of “no” didn’t exist.

But then something happened along the way.

We got scared.

We learned what no felt like.

We associated no with never instead of not for now.

And trust me, I get it. Life can deal out some pretty nasty hands. For some the option of taking a  year to go after that dream wholeheartedly isn’t an option. But I don’t think that means giving up on what you want.

Initially when I graduated from school I thought I was going to follow this very secure and simple plan:

  1. Be a teacher
  2. Try to write a novel
  3. Try to freelance.

And while I love teaching, a part of me felt this regret in not taking some time to apply to full-time writing jobs. Would I regret it when I ws 40 or 50? Would I ever be able to leave my job and try writing at a different stage in life? The questions were eating me up inside. And then, the “secure” job fell through.

I felt panicked. I began applying to every teaching job under the sun. But quickly came to realize I also graduated with a degree in English with a strong background in the editorial field. Why not *gasp* apply to be a writer?

8 year old Ana still can’t believe that I’m this close to making this lifetime passion an actual profession. It isn’t easy. Lord knows the field is competitive and saturated but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth going after.

So what about you?

What do you wish you would go after?

Life is far too short to not have the courage to follow your dreams. For some it takes 2 years for others 20 to get to where they want to. That doesn’t make any one of them better than the other. In fact, to me they’re equals because they both had the courage to puruse and prevail. Don’t compare where you are to where you want to be. Keep the vision alive and believe that everything and anything is possible.

No does NOT mean never.

It just means not right now.

Rejection is a part of the game. Its a way to reflect upon what you’re doing and how to keep moving.

It isn’t easy. It hurts and when there are bills knocking on your door its easy to push your dreams aside to keep afloat. But I firmly believe you can do both. You can take one hour out of your day to work towards that dream and that one hour adds up in time. While it may be hard to see it, life isn’t black and white. Its nuanced with a million different shades of gray.

And just because you aren’t there now doesn’t mean you never will be.


Life is all about risk.

Think about it:

When you fall in love you’re risking heartbreak.

When you run you risk falling.

When you reach you risk failing.

But whats the alternative? Never trying at all.

And honestly, I’m all about the risk. If a risk means I have no regrets, it means putting myself out there and knowing I did the best I could, then bring it on. In order to live you have to be willing to take the risk.


Dig deep and find the courage to follow your dreams.

Until next time


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3 Responses to Having The Courage To Follow Your Dreams

  1. I agree- it is so hard but I think it is possible. For me (at least right now) i would like to make some money blogging and also doing graphic design. Doing things on the side with a “real” job to pay the bills is probably about half or more of us- we are all in the same boat! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

    • you’re right and most successful entrepeneurs start off he way you are Shannon. Youre totally going to make it 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

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