Coffee Chat: Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

Hello my lovelies! I wanted to sit and have a chat with you guys without it being about clothes, teaching you something or sell you my brand. Instead, I wanted to just sit down and talk like friends. If you’re reading this and want to set the mood I’ll let you in on whats going on around me. It’s a rainy Sunday morning, everyone in my house is asleep. I’ve got an oil diffuser going and a warm cup of coffee with almond milk .

This playlist playing lightly in the background (Don’t worry I didn’t go full hipster on you it’s a healthy mix of indie and mainstream) :



So what’s going on?


This post honestly started out really down in the dumps. It was me complaining about feeling lost, a bit defeated and scared about life passing me by. But then I saw a post by Hilary Rushford. And if you don’t know who she is,well you go’n learn today!

She is such an inspiring stylist, business coach, life coach, savvy lady. And her Instagram?


#GOALS amiright?

I was scrolling through instagram while taking a break from writing and stumbled across her latest post.



It struck me. In fact, it made me erase all 750 words I had already typed out and start over again.

I mentioned in the first draft of this blog post how lost I felt. How scared I was that life would pass me by without any of those big bucket list things getting marked off. And yes, I do feel that way. But another part, a louder part of the nagging voices that go off all day in my mind says ” What is yours will not pass you by”.

And Hilary’s post touched that voice, touched that part in just the right way that that negative spiral short circuited and stopped altogether.

Just because you can’t see it…

If you can’t read it I’ll type it out here because you guys, I kind of want to go back and read it day after day.

What if today changed everything, you just can’t see it yet? Yesterday I  was talking with a single girlfriend + thought, ” Your husband could be moving here from SanFran this weekend… or breaking up with his girlfriend. ” You can’t see it, but that doesn’t mean your story isn’t happening today.


And she continues on to give more examples ending with,

” Just because you can’t seen it, doesn’t mean the dream isn’t happening.  Today Feb 11,2018 could be the day that changed your life. You just might not see it, feel it or ever even knw what significance today played.

The takeaway…

Lovelies. You might think I’m crazy but I never ever try to shut down my daydreams. People often call me naive, unrealistic, idealistic, and maybe I’m all of those things. But I refuse to believe that the bare minimum of want or never achieving those goals is more realistic than those highest of high desires. I refuse to ever shut down the part of my brain that goes “Today could be the day that I meet my future husband. Today could be the day I get a call from a publisher. Today could be the day I meet someone who inspires a huge life change”

And yes.

There are days like earlier today where I just am terrified about  none of those things ever happening. Or that I look at other 23 year olds or even those younger than me that seemingly have it all together. But that comparison game leads to insecurity, it leads to negativity and most importantly it does not serve you.

Let me repeat that,

Comparison does not serve you.

Resentment does not serve you.

Jealousy does not serve you.

Acknowledge it.

Release it.

Love serves you.

Grace serves you.

Patience serves  you.

We are all on our own path. Things unfold when they’re suppose to, not when we necessarily want them to. There is a grand plan at work. I believe that wholeheartedly once we get out of our own way.

Today could be the day your life changes forever and if that doesn’t make your heart sing, your eyes well up, your soul fill up with joy I don’t know what will.

Keep pushing, keep serving yourself and watch as life just unfolds in it’s own beautiful mysterious way.



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