Christmas Reading List

Hello my lovelies! We’ve somehow landed into the double digits of December and I’m still realing from the fact that we’ve made it to the end of 2017. Like wasn’t yesterday June and last week February? I know we always make jokes about time flying but I think as we get older it really does just shoot from under us.


Lately I’ve been doing a lot of reading and if you’re a long time follower of my blog than you already know what a bookwork I am. I’ve always loved reading and writing and in this digital age I find we often prioritize scouring the internet over some quiet times in our mind. I also read a post all about the Icelandic holiday ” Jolabokaflod” which translates into book flood. It’s a holiday in Iceland devoted to READING. Can you imagine that?!  Here are some books I’ve grabbed for years and a few that I recently purchased and am loving:


1. Any Sarah Dessen Book


So if you’re into YA the way I am than you might have picked up a Sarah Dessen book at some point in your life. They’re the quintessential summer or really any time of the  year grab. They’re never more than a few hundred pages, riddled with teen angst and first loves, but a lot of them usually deal with a darker theme such as abuse. My favorites are Along for the Ride, Once and For All, The Truth About Forever and Keeping the Moon. These books nurtured me throughout my teen years and have been a source of comfort and romance even now into my 20s. They might be slightly predicatable but sometimes we like that predicatability in a novel, its why we pick out a romcom. We know the lead always ends up with everything she’s ever wanted which is what we want too.


2. All Fall Down by Jennifer Weiner

This book came out in 2016 I believe and came out to rave reviews. Jennifer Weiner’s wit and style is so punchy and relatable. Her narrarators are never unlikeable which I enjoy because it makes the story easy to envelop yourself in. If you haven’t read a book by here I think this one is a great place to start. It talks about the real life struggle of working motherhood, mental health and prescription pill addiction. Don’t let that last part deter you from picking it up, it really is such a great and powerful read.


3. Turtles All The Way Down by John Green


Another amazing YA Author, John Green and David Levitham ruled my library card in middle and high school. Turtles All the Way Down is the newest novel by  John Green and is such a greay foray into the mind of someone with OCD and anxiety. While I’m often not a fan of literature that portrays a disorder in a way that makes the person seem one dimensional, this book does the exact opposite and shows the gripping reality of what its like to deal with a mental illness without it being the only component of Aza’s personality or life. Mental health is such an important topic and while so many influencers are out and open about their own battles there still lies a stigma, shame and misunderstanding about these issues so many people deal with. The book’s sypnosis sounds more like a mystery but truly the story is about how a 16 year old with pretty severe OCD copes with friendship, love and finding herself.


4.  The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks


So you’ve probably heard of The Notebook (if you haven’t I don’t know where you’ve been this last decade). But The Wedding is Sparks little spoken about sequel. It doesn’t follow the romance of Noah and Allie, but it does follow one of their offspring. It’s a great read with cameos made by Noah on what it takes to save a marriage and come alive again once life has taken the wheel. It’s such a great short read and of course the Sparks forumla comes into play so you know you get a great ending.


5. Washington Avalanche 1910 by Cameron Dokey

Ok, so this is totally like an unknown book by an unknown author that I found one day in 8th grade but I still find myself reaching for it when I want a historical fiction romance. Historical fiction was a huge passion of mine for quite sometime,probably 6-11th grade. Books by Anne Rinaladi are, well, classic. But every now and again you find gems like this one and you fall in love. This tells the story of a real life avalanche that took place in Washington although the characters are fictional. Theres is deception, romance and tragedy, basically everything you want in a novel wrapped up in a beautiful cover.


6. The Sun and Her Flowers by Rupi Kaur


I’m actually in the middle of this book now and am in love. I hadn’t read Rupi Kaur until grabbing this book, but I was curious and grabbed this on a rando trip to Walmart. If you didn’t know I’ve been working on my own little book for the last 6 months and while reading this one I recognized my work in Rupi’s and felt a kindred spirit. She is such a talented poet and I really can’t reccommend this book enough. It delves into love, heartbreak, immigration and just figuring yourself out again.



What are some books that you’ve been gravitating towards? Let me know in the comments below fellow bookworms.



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