What To Buy A Vegan For Christmas: Vegan Holiday Gift Guide

It’s the most wonderful timmeee of the yearrrr!

I honestly have NO idea where 2017 went but we’re coming to the best part of it which is of course the holiday season! I live for this time of year where everything is warm, fuzzy, merry and bright. While it isn’t just about buying gifts, it is to me truly a season of giving.

Giving time

Giving love

Giving what you can.

With that being said I know a lot of people are often at a loss as to what to get co-workers, friends and family members.  The confusion triples when you find out the recepient of your gift is vegan. *GASP* What does that even MEAN?!

I have a blog post all about vegansim (here)

Clothing Items:

Clothes are clothes right?


If a person is fully vegan it means they abstain from anything that is derived from an animal. This includes fur, wool and sherpa. If its a wool blend, if its leather, the answer is a loud DO NOT BUY. 

So the safest bet would be to buy from a vegan shoe or clothing company if you were short on time to look at the materials in the items or just wanted a fool proof way of ensuring your beloved vegan gets a gift they’ll love. There are plenty of companies out there that are fully vegan.

A few include:

Unicorn Goods


Unicorn Goods is the largest online vegan clothing store with various brands under  it. It’s basically a one stop shop for all youre vegan aesthetic needs. I spent hours pouring over all of the different brands and price points. It’s so versatile and no, this isn’t sponsored I’m just in LOVE!





For those ladies with a vegan guy in their life Brave Gentleman is a perfect sustainable fashion choice to pop into. They have one location in Brooklyn (that’s NY). But you can still shop for it online. The style is badass and ethical, does it get any sexier than that?




BeadandReel is such a #BOSSLADY shop. Its ran by a former costume maker who wanted to create an ethical clothing boutique and it has the CAYUTEST items. It is a bit on the pricer end but the pieces are so unique and chic your lovely vegan will be sure to wear it for many seasons to come.


So let’s say you want to shop in person and just pop into Forever21 or H&M and pick them up a little something. Here’s a quick list of Vegan DONTS


Psst, its downloadable!


So let’s say you want to buy your vegan a box of chocolates or wine. Here are some miscellanous items you can easily find.


*Gasp* Not every wine is VEGAN? While the ingredients in wine may be vegan friendly the filtration process might not be. Meaning? There might be gelatin, casein or isinglass (fish bladder protein) . Most wine users don’t rely on those anymore and use betonite or activate charcoal. Nonetheless to less your worry a lot of wine brands will have a great big green V on their bottle labels. If you can’t spot it I found this lovely blog post listing out the different types of vegan beers and wines carried by Trader Joes. (Yes I’m biased and chose TJ beacause I work there, but its also super afordable!)



Obviously milk chocolate is a N-O for any vegan but sometimes even Dark Chocolate isn’t safe. Unless it states that the bar is vegan check the back for milkfat, casein or whey. Honey is also an ingredient to avoid. For some vegans palm oil unlessed it’s sustainably sourced is a no go but here are some of my go to brands:

Lindt Dark Chocolate

Enjoy Life


Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate

Endagered Species Dark Chocolate (an extra plus is the donation that goes into your purchase)

Obviously you can always order a specialty basket online as well from several companies Lake Champlain Chocolates has some great choices!



How can books not be vegan? Ok, ok MOST books are but you know those specialty classic editions that come out around this time at Barnes and Nobles?


Yeah those! Those are, you guessed it, leather bound. Which isn’t vegan. Same thing for  journals. There are plenty of soft or hard covered editions that will do just as well without the animal cruelty that’s attached.

Reusable Bamboo Silverware


]This gift is such a great idea for any vegan trying to lessen their carbon footprint! Cute, portable and practical this is the ideal gift for the person who may have everything. Add in a gift card to their favorite vegan restraunt and you have yourself a winning gift!

Adopt an Edangered Animal in their Name


This is to me probably the coolest gift anyone could give. Adopting an animal in their name shows that you understand and support their lifestyle. This amazing gift allows them to make another huge impact in the world thanks to you. There are also a variety of pricepoints from $25-$100 so anyone can comfortably give the gift of life.


These are some ideas and breakdowns. Try not to stress too much about gift giving. We’re all pretty understanding types and its honestly the thought that counts. Christmas is more about the feeling of togetherness, the idea of warmth and comfort but most importantly its all about love.


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