5 Things Every Vegan Is Tired of Hearing

Hello my lovelies! Hope you had a marvelous Halloweekend. I am definitely SPENT from going out because honestly, I don’t go out late that often. However going out and meeting new people is always a chance to meet your next bestfriend, boyfriend or the means to a great conversation. It usually comes up within the first couple of minutes or so that I’m vegan and of course 1 of next 5 questions or comments gets tossed around:


1. Where Do You Get Your Protein?


I find it funny that everyone is so worried about my protein intake. Meat is definitely not the ONLY source of protein or the most pure for our bodies to ingest. Meat is often laden with bacteria and hormones from the livestock used and kept in such close terrible quarters. The best part about living a plant based diet is that not only am I getting all the protein I need but I’m getting all these other amazing micronutrients no one is talking about. Spinach, broccoli,legumes, brown rice, nuts and seeds, there are a million plant based foods that carry protein with them that accumulate throughout the day. Even if I wanted to include more protein into my diet, there are tons of plant-based protein bars and powders to supplement into my diet.


2. What Do You Eat?



I mean, I get it, people are curious and I’m more than happy to share some plantbased meal ideas. I think it starts to get under my skin when there’s an implication that I eat nothing but air. There are so many meals that are pretty much plantbased such as rice and beans, pasta, sandwiches even! There are also plenty of conventional snacks that people would never guess are vegan such as Belvita cookies, Oreos and plaintain chips just to name a few! It’s natural to be curious, just don’t give me a look of disgust when asking the question, because honestly, do you even KNOW what goes into a hotdog?


3. Don’t You Miss Eating Meat?


I mean do you miss drinking breastmilk? No, you’ve evolved. You’ve found other things you enjoy more and truthfully I do not miss eating meat AT ALL. When I do smell a meal that has meat that smells appetizing, it’s usually the spices I really enjoy about the dish not the meat itself. Frankly, my way of life now is ten times better than before I went vegan. I feel like I have a purpose, every.single.day. every.single.meal. So no, I don’t miss eating meat, but thanks for asking.


4. I Could Never Give Up Meat.


This usually is the follow up to the question above. Honestly, maybe you really do feel that way. But once you become aware of the environmental impacts, health effects and waste that the meat and dairy industry cause, it’s hard not to take some sort of action or personal responsibility. The reason this statement bothers me is because it’s often said with a laugh and carefree smile. As if giving up meat is beyond their capabilities and I live in a fairytale world.


I just give a shit.

So really you’re whole “I could never give up meat” protest is really a cover up for the simple fact that you don’t care enough to do something. And that’s fine. I respect your decision. Just own it.


5. You Must Be Hungry All The Time.


Are you Janet? Because I’m definitely not. I don’t know why people think that vegetables aren’t satiating? It’s not like I live a life of salads and fruit. There are plenty of really gluttonous and comfy vegan meals to make, not to mention FILLING. I don’t need to eat meat to feel satisfied and feel ten times better after a big bowl of vegetable pho than a beef stew ever did.  Sure if I didn’t eat enough or included enough fat into my diet I’d be pretty peckish all the time. But I get hungry just as much as you do or even less. Veganism does not equate starvation.


Ok, so maybe I came off a TEENY bit harsh while writing this. But honestly, these comments really do just grind my gears to the point where I need some replacing they’re so worn down. I LOVE when people ask me questions with a genuine sense of curiosity and wonder. But if your voice is filled with judgement or contempt Im just not about it and don’t appreciate the disrespect or scorn. Unless you’re a close family member or friend I don’t make any comments about what  you’re eating or your diet unless you ask so please don’t do the same to me. Vegans aren’t some weird cult members. We don’t go around make comments about where you get your micronutrients that are super important, so stop asking us about our protein.

Like I said genuine comments are completely fine, and I’m 150% happy to answer them, it’s why I started my Youtube channel and blog. To answer some of those questions for you guys. But think about the words BEFORE they pop out of your mouth, they might be unintentionally rude and hurtful.

Until next time


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    • Haha Im glad you enjoyed! It was suppose to be lighthearted and fun. Plus it’s totally true, these questions can drive me a little crazy

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