2017: Year of You

Hello my lovelies! I hope you had a lovely end of 2016 and you’re ready to kick butt in 2017. For many, the mark of the new year means the mark of a “new them”. While I applaud the effor to become a “better” version of oneself, I think that the majority of people tend to choose a more superficial goal. Such as lose 10 lbs, while there is nothing wrong with wanting to lose a little weight the reality is it isn’t the lbs gone. What you REALLY want is to feel happy, confident and healthy, the weight is just your idea of how to achieve that.


So what I’m proposing is something that MarissaLace from Youtube brought into fruition last year which is something called YEAR OF YOU.


What is Year of You?

Its pretty much what it sounds like: focusing on YOU. Giving yourself self-love, and giving yourself your best effort because your relationship with yourself is the MOST important one you can have. No one, nothing can ever fulfill you the way you can. All of the things you want is just a tool to bring your happiness. But the reality is that it can all be achieved within yourself.


Now, I’m no expert. I’m going on this journey alongside all of you. I’m going to continue to better in this area so that everything else in life can fall in place.


What I mean by this is that: your thoughts materialize in your life. If you think you’re horrible, you’ll be seen as that because that’s what you’re giving off to others and the world unknowingly. If you think you’re amazing, you deserve success (and you do), then that’s what you’ll get.


So start working on your thoughts. Counteract any negative with a positive. We all get down, but it if we continue to climb back up, the fall never matters.




Pamper Yourself.


Give yourself a date night. Marissa touches upon this in her videos, but once a week she gives hereself a “date night”. And I suggest this, maybe not once a week if you feel you can’t. But at least twice a month treat yourself. If you can give your time and love to others, why not spread a little to yourself? Whether it’s going out to lunch, a spa night, reading a book. Do something that makes you HAPPY.

By doing this, guess what?

You’ll be attracting that same emotion twice into your life!

Remember, thoughts become things. You vibrate at a higher, more positive frequency and you’ll keep attracting things in that vibration.




Read & Learn.

Let’s face it. In order to “get better” we need to learn a thing or two. Growth means learning, it means realizing a different path or a new idea or concept and applying. How can we do that without delving into a book or listening to a podcast. Whether it’s financial savviness you’re after or just self-growth there’s a book or some type of educating tool for you. We luckily live in an age where all you have to do is google in and it’s in your grasp. It’s remarkable! Use it to your advantage, I know I have.

Some books I want to read:

Infinite Possibilities by Mike Dooley

The Power of Now by Eckart Tolle

Ask and it is given by Esther Hicks and Jerry Hicks

The untethered sould by Michael A. Singer


I already have Infinite possibilites and it’s pretty great so far. Let me know in the comments below any suggestions you have for me in the area of self-help, transformation, new age and finincial growth!


Patience & Grace


If there is one thing we rarely ever give to ourselves but give so readily to others it’s our patience and forgiveness. We need to give ourselves time to grow, time to see change, it doesn’t JUST HAPPEN. I’ve been at it for a year and I still have so many things I want to work on! We don’t get to an apex and just stop growing. We will always have something to work on, but let it come with time. Let it come with love, let it come with grace!


I hope to keep this series going and touch in every few weeks with another Year of You update. I think Marissa came up with such a great concept that I intend to capitalize and utilize and you should too!

Check out Marissa’s channel and crystal shop!

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  1. Ana!! So I came across your blog through another blogger I’ve recently found through Pinterest. You were under a tab of hers where she lists blog’s she reads and well I was being nosy haha. Ive been blogging myself for a while but haven’t taken it serious but I really want to now, when I came across your blog and saw your photo I literally gasped!! We went to the same middle school together, I doubt you’ll recognize me by name and don’t want to give too much details out but, maybe we could talk some time? Maybe you could even share some blogging tips!!! I really hope to hear back from you!

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